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Fight Like a Kid

We have recently shifted to a new city. It was the month of September in the year 2018. Shifting is a hectic task especially when you have a small kid and so we were really in a messy situation. I have few of my friends who were supposed to help me during this entire process as they were already residing in this new city. Husband had only two days to spare before he would get busy in his office routine. I was already fretting as to how things will fall into place, with the only relief of my two friends Sakshi and Mahi who offered to help me.

The first week went by in just packing and unpacking but by the beginning of the second week I was really tired, stressed and felt way out of control. My friends Sakshi and Mahi who offered to help me had some last-minute emergency owing to which neither of them could come to my place for at least another week. Thank fully I had managed to get a good maid and was trying to get the place arranged just the way I wanted.

By the end of second week Mahi used to visit me for at least half a day, bring home made food and also helped me a lot. Sakshi, however, it seemed just disappeared. It was not that my work was not happening as Mahi was of great help. Not only because I got few days off the kitchen but because her daughter was of same age as my son, and he used to get busy playing with her. That means more productive work. Kids I tell you can be a big pain, especially when you want to focus at some job. By the third week, I was pretty happy things turned out and I decided to invite Mahi and Sakshi to my place for dinner with their family. They were the only people I knew here in this city.

I invited them and both agreed to join us for the dinner coming Sunday. On the planned day, I managed to lay a beautiful spread of some tasty delicacies learning from Youtube. It was 8pm but there was no sign of Sakshi. I really was upset. Tried calling her several times but no answer. I carried on with a smile as Mahi was here with her family. Suresh her husband got along really well with Mihir, and kids were already a gang.

In the past few days, we have seen them fighting at one hour and being the best buddies seconds later. We would laugh and enjoy their innocence.

After the dinner at around 10 pm, I got a call from Sakshi, she called to apologize for not able to make it for todays' dinner. Even before she could explain her, I said it's okay. Don't bother, we had fun and I cut the phone. My son was standing next to me.

For many days after that night, I got several calls from Sakshi, all went unanswered. I was really angry with her on her behaviour. I did not wish to speak to her at all. One day, Mahi came unannounced. I was obviously happy to see her and so was my son. We had a nice time and were talking when Mahi asked about Sakshi. We got into talking and I was telling her about how she called that night and after that so many times. I also told her that it simply doesn't make sense, first she could not come to help, now not even for dinner. She could at least have informed me on time. All the while my son and Mahi's daughter were standing near us listening to our conversation.

She asked my son, Aunty is angry since that dinner night? My son, honestly replied with a Yes. They both looked at each other and said, oh so they are not friends at all. How else can you not talk otherwise for so long?

It was just a simple statement, but Mahi gave me that look, and I knew what she meant. I immediately picked up my mobile and called Sakshi. She answered immediately and started crying. Her husband had not been keeping well for some time. She could not tell me while I was lost in the shifting process as she knew I already was handling a lot. Even she agreed to dinner plan as he was recovering, and she thought she could make it. However, his condition worsened that evening and she had to rush him to hospital. It was from hospital that she managed to call me and there I was listening to her like a dumbstruck fool feeling angry on myself now.

I realised one thing. As we grow up, we don't really grow UP. We live life on assumptions unlike kids who live life as it is. We keep grudges for a long time and sometimes it is so long that we don't even remember the reason what the issue was. Even then our big EGO would not allow us to reconnect and there we add negative emotions in our life. My son and his friend saved my friendship that day. Sakshi's husband recovered after a yearlong treatment and Mahi and I were by her side throughout. Our bond grew stronger, thanks to our kids.

From that day, I had this Mantra in my Life. Don't fight and even if you do, FIGHT LIKE A KID.

Have you ever lost a friend over a fight that could have been avoided?

  • Yes

  • No

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