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Born for a cause

Life is truly a gift. If we are living on this planet, we must consider ourselves fortunate, more so if we got the opportunity to be born as a human being.

Rest of the living creatures have names like Animals, Birds, Sea Creatures, Bacteria, Insects etc. etc., it is only we, the humans that are called human being. Being for a reason. It is not an opportunity everyone is blessed with. We humans are called superior creature for a reason. Not just because we can think but because each one has a purpose of their existence.

Gift of life is given to every individual. Few of us are little more fortunate than the ones who are born with some limiting factors, physical or mental disability, but that does not entitle us to feel superior over others. This also does not mean we are here for bigger purpose. Each individual in their own capacity struggle to identify the true purpose of their life. Fortunate are ones who are able to identify and live to fulfil this purpose on earth. On the other hand, it is only right to say, unfortunate are not the ones who are born with disability but the ones who fail to live in this life their true purpose.

Birthday is that one day when we all should be thankful to the creator for giving us this life and in the human form… Each birthday is a reminder for human beings that they are here on this earth with a mission, a purpose that is unique to each one. It reminds us to live our purpose each day, and if not identified yet, birthday reminds us to search for the true purpose of our life.

As a child, birthday for me meant celebrating it with friends and family. Good food, so many gifts, blessings and good mood. Though during childhood, I would often be sick on my birthdays by the time it was evening and my mom always said, “Nazar lag gayi hai”. Evil eye effect. However, with time I realized it's not just a day to celebrate with friends and family but also a day to celebrate oneself. Birthday blast no more meant birthday bumps or smashing cakes or simply having fun. It became so much more meaningful. A week before my birthday I start introspecting about the past one year. Not only the physical changes we experience as we become a year wiser, but more so on the emotional and intellectual level. Where do I feel I lacked, what I could have done better and what I am really proud of. This retrospection is not impacted by the comments, beliefs and opinions of other. This whole week it is all about my values, my experiences, my learnings and my celebrations.

Birthday still is about cake, food, gifts, wishes and fun. In addition to that it also allows me to embrace my past, be grateful of my today and have lot of expectations from my tomorrow. Birthday creates within me a sense of being, Being Human is not what every living creature gets to be. Birthday is the day when we were born on this planet to live our purpose.

Are you living your life the way it is meant to be? This birthday- retrospect, introspect and let’s have a birthday the way it should be.


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