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Is your organization focused on hiring workers or leaders?

Are you aiming to exist or flourish?

What is it that you focus on- Result or Resources?

We all know the fact. Resources yield Results. Do you agree?

Each year organizations hire new people, some employees retire, some quit, and work goes on. A good organization understands the importance of hiring the right candidate. It may not be necessarily one with more experience or higher qualification but with right traits. Often these traits are associated with attributes of Leader.

An average organization believes that its employees are just another resource whereas a great organization believes that each employee can lead the organization from where they are. Leadership is not a position; it is an attitude one can attain at any and every stage of their career and life. One attribute each leader uniformly has is zeal to Learn. No matter where they are, what they do, they have a constant thirst to learn and grow further.

Leaders are a people’s person. They are liked by majority of the people. They know how to convince people without offending them. If only we can introduce the importance of being a Leader at every position across all organizations, the work culture can improve and so will the result.

How to attain Leadership across organization?

Here are 4 simple steps to begin:

1. Train the employees with the intention to make them self-aware. Training should be considered as one of the key responsibilities of each employee and the organization must ensure that during such programs they are focusing on training and not on meeting other deadlines.

2. Allow them to Learn and get ready for the next role. Simple courses can be made accessible by the organization for the employees so that they are ready as far as knowledge is concerned. They can be given opportunity to work with their superior as a learning process initiative.

3. Let them Lead rather than being dictated. While the process flow is important to be maintained still is it possible to let them be flexible and lead in a certain way in their position. Can we encourage the employees to lead by including ratings for the initiatives. However, one important thing to remember is not everyone is born leader and some may take time to display leadership skills. Considering individual differences is an essential aspect to be considered to let each leader evolve.

4. Celebrate Leadership. Yes, very important aspect of achieving anything is to celebrate the smallest success. Allow small parties and program to be organized by leaders across the level. Higher Management must be part of this wherever and whenever possible. Encourage the employees to show creative side in these parties. It doesn’t mean dancing and entertaining but also better budgeting and organization.

Leadership is a Skill. It can be developed. All it takes is self-awareness and right environment to flourish. Once you have leaders running the organization, you realize that result is just another outcome. Celebrate Success with Leaders!!!

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