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What They’re Saying

Personal Coaching by Ritwika allowed me to come out of my negative thought pattern. I never could have imagined it is so easy to take charge of our life until I connected with Ritwika. Thank You for bringing a positive impact in my life.

Eshal Sukheja- Homemaker

I was worried as to how to progress in my life after my husband passed away. I had to appear for interview and had no clue. Ritwika helped me sail through the entire process and guided me to have a charge of my own life. Today I am working with a leading bank and managing my kids as well.

Seetu Gupta- Banking Professional

Two days of the session has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to our trainer Ritwika who ensured we gain practical insights rather than random theoretical concepts. Wishing mam all the best for her future.

Inderpal Singh- Banking Professional

Ritwika is such a beautiful soul that her presence will only bring positive vibes, As a mentor she taught us how to easily go with life and enjoy each moment to the full. Loved her energy

Shilpa Hadimani-Health
& Wellness Coach


What They’re Saying

I was fortunate enough to get mentored and trained by Ritwika. She not only explains the technicalities of the topics but she also makes it fun and enjoyable experience. She addresses all the questions from her participants and treats every question as equally important. Her patience in answering and clarifying things is commendable. She's a professional yet fun loving trainer. Proud to call myself her student.

Naga Brahmani- Master Trainer

Ritwika is like a breath of fresh air, always bubbly, energetic, high-spirited, and ready to help. No one can go untouched by her enthusiasm, and fun-filled learning experience. One never realises how easy it is to learn new skills, thanks to her encouraging and experiential teaching method..

Wg Cdr Arti Vasdev-
Corporate Trainer (IAF Veteran)

It's been a Wonderful Journey with Ritwika Marar, you had been inspiring me through out the journey to learning and un learning by Transform myself to a better version of myself. you're uniquely Amazing, Wishing you a Good luck and Success in your Future Endeavors.

Maran MB

Ritwika's commitment to our journey has been unwavering. Her consistency in offering guidance, motivation, and assistance has made a significant impact on my personal and professional life. She's an excellent communicator and is always ready to lend a helping hand or share valuable insights. In just one month, I've noticed positive changes in my life. If you're looking for a coordinator who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about your growth and success, Ritwika is the person you need. I highly recommend her and am incredibly grateful for her efforts in shaping my life positively. Thank you, Ritwika, for your exceptional leadership and support!

Sukesh Telang-
Passionate Entrepreneur

Confident Businesswoman


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